I Am a Creativepreneur on a Global Peace Mission

Daring to Define my Worldly Dreams of Peace through Creativity
"I Am the Creatrix of my Universe & I Am on this Planet to share all of my Gifts."

My mission is to embody Inner Peace as an Artist & Dancer as I spread the message around the world that Creativity is a super power that can heal symptoms of Anxiety and Depression. Music, painting, dance, poetry, singing, and all forms of art are powerful medicine. We are the creators of this New World and we can create an Inner Garden of Peace.
Sending Love & Light to the Collective!

☮️ **Angel Vibes **
- Sabrina Sadaf Smith, IG: @Thinksabrina


What is a Creativepreneur?

A creativepreneur is an entrepreneur who builds a business around a personal mission, passion or purpose and runs it from creative principles, using digital teams, tools, and supportive tribes to expand and influence. To succeed, a creativepreneur must fuse the creative and the commercial in ways that are equally alien to traditional business and to traditional creative industries.

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